You're not one to stand on the sidelines.

Transport your accomplished hands-on technical knowledge and skills into successful, streamlined automotive process operations.

As a member of the Volkswagen multi-skilled maintenance team, you'll use your technical expertise and passion to create the future of driving in North America. Your principal duties will include providing experienced electrical and mechanical expertise to support and improve precision, accuracy and reliability of process equipment. You’ll rely on your knowledge, skills and logical reasoning to diagnose, troubleshoot and improve mechanical and electrical operations. You will also implement preventative maintenance to secure a continuous improvement environment that develops the best-in-class production system.

Move your potential to the challenging and exciting business of creating advanced automobiles designed specifically with the American consumer in mind. Apply with the Volkswagen Group of America Today.

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Thank you for your interest in the Volkswagen Chattanooga multi-skilled maintenance team.

You will have the opportunity to apply beginning Tuesday September 8, 2009. We encourage you to visit our application site regularly to have access to updates on this position and the project in general - last updated 9/01/2009