Behind every good car is a great team of people - people like you.

As the world's third-largest auto manufacturer and the largest carmaker in Europe, Volkswagen's reputation for quality is well known. But it doesn't happen by chance. Quality must be achieved anew every day through the entire process chain -from development to production. This process requires your leadership.

As a manager/supervisor at the Chattanooga facility, you take on the role of fulfilling Volkswagen's operational excellence standard and continuing a tradition of mutual respect among teammates, providers and suppliers. You will oversee the successful production, output, cost, and quality of a process chain that develops leading-edge vehicles. Choosing to be a manager/supervisor with Volkswagen means you aspire to provide best-in-class quality to best-in-class products.

Problem solving with multiple production and support departments is a must, as you recognize that excellence requires ingenuity and success follows vision. Your ability to develop process improvements will advance Volkswagen, an iconic brand that has defined generations.


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