In your life, change is the only constant.

It’s an adage that holds true for Volkswagen as well, a saying that shapes the life and ingenuity of our engineers. As our thoughts of mobility transform, our technologies must be intelligent, flexible and intuitive, thus our ideas must be exceptional rather than merely adequate. As an engineer at the Chattanooga facility, your expertise and originality will advance engineering for cars especially designed for the North American market. You will provide analytical and conceptual thinking to create vehicles that set the world standard in safety, technology, and environmental responsibility.

As part of the Chattanooga engineering team, you will work with Clean Diesel TDI technology pioneered by Volkswagen. In your pursuit of the perfect vehicle you will provide engineering for the best possible power, efficiency and the lowest emissions. You will create the highest quality standards in manufacturing engineering. You will also as well as design, implement and coordinate unsurpassed processes and production systems that ensure quality and productivity of the Chattanooga facility.

    Based on your skills, experience and preferences, you have
    opportunities in:

  • -Industrial Engineering
  • -Plant Engineering
  • -Product Engineering
  • -Tooling
  • -Quality
  • -Plant Infrastructure
  • -Manufacturing

    • •Body Shop
    • •Paint
    • •Assembly

The needs of the North American driver are evolving. Consider shaping the world as it will be with Volkswagen.APPLY TODAY.



Help put innovation into motion.

Not sure what that means? From human resources to finance, from IT to accounting, and all the risk-takers in between, you recognize the benefits of logic and creativity, examination and passion. You want to be part of a team where you’re recognized not only for your diligence, but also your vision.

You can be passionate about offering attractive, safe and environmentally sound vehicles that set world standards and you can accomplish this goal in the role that's most satisfying to you. It means you're answering a calling, not an obligation.

    Based on your skills, experience and preferences, you have
    opportunities in:

  • -Human Resources
  • -Finance
  • -IT
  • -Accounting
  • -Purchasing
  • -Logistics

You're intelligent and analytical, innovative and inspired. Join a team that embodies all in the very products it creates and the ambitious people it employs -- people like you. APPLY TODAY.



Your skills don’t fit into a box - neither should your career.

Your opportunities at Volkswagen cover a broad spectrum- just like our automobiles. With these additional professional opportunities you’ll be able to use your skills, experiences and preferences in the area that fits your expertise:

  • -Administrative Assistant
    In this role you’ll be prepared to use excellent communication, written and interpersonal skills to support various departments at the Chattanooga facility. You will perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to organize a department efficiently.
  • -Pilot Hall Technician
    As a pilot hall technician at Volkswagen, you are an experienced master mechanic and/or body shop technician. You’ll use your specialized mechanical and technical skill to repair, rework and maintain development of prototype and/or trial vehicles.

Find where your passion meets achievement with the Volkswagen career that fits you best. APPLY TODAY. When applying for the above opportunities, please search under the career family "Professional - Additional Opportunities" to find the appropriate opening.


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